• Exhaust pipe bending
    Exhaust pipe bending 2019-04-22
    This is a car exhaust. It is made and bend of 4 inches stainless steel pipe. Using our DW130CNC tube bending machine, bend precise and quickly.
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  • Thin aluminum pipe bending
    Thin aluminum pipe bending 2019-04-22
    These are very thin aluminum pipes.  In order not to scratch the surface and fit client's high requirments of bending, we customized the tooling by using nylon material. Every pipe after bending keep smooth surface.
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  • Wave shape pipe bending
    Wave shape pipe bending 2019-04-22
    This is stainless steel 1 inch diameter pipes.  Client require to bend wave shape. Although the distance between every angle is short.  Our tube bending machine can bend it perfectly.
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  • Chair cushion pipe bending
    Chair cushion pipe bending 2019-04-22
    There are 2 mild steel pipes.  After bending then weld to assemble a chair cushion.  Using our CNC tube bending machine can keep every angle and distance precisely.
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  • Rectangle pipe bending
    Rectangle pipe bending 2019-04-22
    This is a rectangle pipe after bending. Bending rectangle pipe is more difficult than bending round pipe. The deformation rate is also high. We make high precision mandrel and tooling to avoid deformation.
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  • Square pipe hole punching
    Square pipe hole punching 2019-04-22
    We BLMA's CNC tube punching machine can punch different size holes.  We can customized tooling according to client's drawing.  Not only small holes, big holes, square holes, round holes or other special holes.  And not only cooper tube, mild steel tube, stainless steel tube, channel U steel, flat plate, all can be punched by our pipe bending machine.
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