CNC automatic pipe cutter MC425CNC which is delivered to Brazil client 2021-09-13

CNC automatic pipe cutting machine is one kind of extremely efficient machine for cutting metal pipes.The pipe feeding is driven by servo motor,which accuarcy can be up to +-0.01mm.When the operator put the pipes on the machine,the following working actions are all automatic.And MC425CNC model CNC pipe cutter has big cutting capacity which can cut several pipes at one time.Client just inform this requirement in advance,we will design and produce the clamping dies accordingly.

When the Brazil client see our company strength and know our company strength,he've decided quickly to buy this CNC tube cutting machine from us,and inform his client and he will pay full payment to us.We also achieve our promise to send quick delivery within 15 days to client's indicated warehouse.

Now the shipping price keeps rising,the volume and weight of our CNC automatic tube cutter machne is not big.If client also has other goods in China,we can pack our machine in a wooden box to keep safe and share the container with other suppliers.We'll help solve all matters about shipping for client.


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