DW63CNC-4A-3SV IPC full automatic pipe bending machine deliver to Russia client 2021-10-14

This is a Russian tender,after several rounds of negotiations,client finally choose our DW63CNC-4A-3SV 4 axis 3 layers cnc pipe bending machine which is controlled by IPC industrial computer,it works together with windows 7 system,keyboard and mouse,extremely improves operator's sense of use.

This kind of 4 axis and 3 layers DW63CNC pipe bending machine which can bend small elbows,also it has the function of rolling big radius.Mandrel cnc tube bending machine can get very good bending elbow.

The end user's products are for making car exhaust,it requires end forming molds to do this sample.Before sending the automatic tube bender machine to the client,we did the test and get very good sample to show client.Finally we shipped the machine.

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