DW50NC semi automatic pipe bender which has been delivered to Brazil client 2021-08-23

Semi automatic tube bender machine is very popular one kind of bender machine in the market.The machine price is not high,but bending is also hydraulic automatic.Its bright feature of NC pipe bender machine makes it very suitable for small business and a new-start factory.When Brazil client sent his drawings of final bending shapes to our engineer team,we fast feedback that his project can choose DW50NC tube bending machine to do the bending job.

After we made the proposal and sent the quotation including technical specifications of this machine,Brazil client just took one week to decide to place the order,we now finished the production and after did the bending test for the client and got his positive feedback,we sent the DW50NC 2 inch pipe bender to his place by ocean.

BLMA company is committed in studying and producing NC hydraulic pipe bending machine and CNC advanced full automatic tube bending machine,welcome the clients all around world to inquire about our machine and find solution for bending job.


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