BLMA Full Electric Auto Pipe Bending Machine

BLMA Full Electric Auto Pipe Bending Machine

Energy saving

Fully-electric pipe bending machine are is most energy-efficient machines on the market.

Electric servo motors have the highest rate of energy efficiency and only use power when needed,

with immediate torque – there is minimal noise and little heat generated is negligible.

High speed

BLMA machines work at high speed with complete computer control.

Each and every axis are independently driven by high accuracy servo motor, each action and movement

can be synchronised and optimised to perfection – drastically reducing the cycle time.

Perfect accuracy

Always spot on – the electronic motion control system of the motors assures that the chosen position will always

be the same.

Fully-electric tube bending machines are not subject to behaviour changes along the way, meaning there’s no

time or material lost tweaking the machine.

High Productivity

Productivity is boosted by shorter cycle times, low setup between projects, no adjustments during production, no


Easy Setup and Programming

Setting up a new part in a fully-electric bender is very simple.

All the 3D bending software features like CAD import, tooling libraries, 3D views of the programmed part, anti-collision

simulation and spring-back compensation – allied with quick tool change and optimised tool positioning – will get you

up and running in no time.


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