BLMA: How to Avoid Failure In Daily Use of Pipe Bender?

For the new equipment hydraulic pipe bender, the oil problem has little effect on the noise generated by the hydraulic pipe bender, because the newly added hydraulic oil meets the requirements, and the noise may be caused by the insufficient oil volume and the oil pump sucking air. , Or the motor oil pump itself is faulty, but for the equipment that has been used for a long time suddenly abnormal noise, you need to check the oil, clean the oil tank and the oil suction filter to solve the abnormal noise problem.

Pipe bending machines, pipe cutting machines and pipe shrinking machines have become more mature and stable in terms of quality and technology. It is not like in the past because of the birth of a new product and new technology, we are all in a state of groping, so the stability of the machine is relatively fragile. But today's pipe processing equipment is stable and routine. Therefore, as long as you carefully maintain the machine after purchasing the machine, it can be used for a long time.

When the pipe bender inserts the pipe into the mandrel, some small iron pins will fall out, and the iron pins that have not been cleaned will fall into the fuel tank inside the fuselage. We all know that hydraulic pipe benders use an oil pump to input hydraulic oil and rely on solenoid valves to provide hydraulic power. Therefore, after these iron pins enter the fuel tank, most of them will be filtered out by the filter in our oil inlet pipe, but a small part of the iron pins will also enter the oil pump. In this way, the iron pins sucked into the oil pump will enter the solenoid valve, and because these iron pins cannot flow in the solenoid valve, the hydraulic solenoid valve is blocked, and the hydraulic oil cannot flow. This will cause a corresponding action failure, resulting in The hydraulic pipe bender is not working properly. Even if this phenomenon occurs, there is no need to worry, as long as you manually press a certain action according to the buttons on the control panel, look at the indicator light on the solenoid valve to see which solenoid valve does not work, and then turn off the power. Then use a 4mm Allen key to remove the solenoid valve fixed on the oil separator. After cleaning the solenoid valve with clean kerosene, blow the inside with an air gun to clean the iron pins inside, and then install it to solve the problem.

What problems may occur in the daily use of the pipe bender? In fact, we have mentioned these problems in the previous blog. Today we will mention it again. The hydraulic area usually has problems. Because the machine is bending the pipe, the pipe will be cut with a metal circular saw and there will be many small iron pins. . If these iron pins are not cleaned up, they will be taken directly to the pipe bending machine to process the pipe. Many automatic pipe bending machine molds are bent with mandrels, because they are afraid that the fullness is not high enough, so there will be wrinkles or Collapse in and so on.


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