How many types of pipe bending machine are there?

There are many types of pipe benders, and all types of pipe benders have their own obvious advantages and disadvantages. Many customers will be confused: Which type of pipe bender should I choose? Which pipe bender is best for me?

We make a classified introduction and evaluation of all the pipe benders on the market below:

1,Manual pipe bender

This is a manual bending product, strictly speaking, it can only be regarded as a tool. Disadvantages: Super labor cost, you can consider starting where there is little workload.

2,Ordinary electric pipe bender

This is an upgraded product based on the manual pipe bender, instead of manual bending, it can be regarded as the first generation of pipe bender. Disadvantages: It is inconvenient to adjust the bending angle, and the angle error is large, but the price is slightly lower.

3,CNC electric pipe bender

Based on an upgraded product of the electric pipe bender, the angle control part is upgraded, the angle adjustment is more convenient, and the angle error value is small, which virtually saves a lot of tedious time, saves labor costs, and the price is moderate, and the price is extremely high. high. And there is a derivative product: pneumatic pipe bender, which can further improve work efficiency.

4,Semi automatic NC tube bending machine

The semi-automatic hydraulic pipe bender breaks down the bending action, and uses hydraulic pressure to drive the clamping and retreating, the bending retreat, auxiliary advance and spoke retreat, core advance and retreat and other actions. The hydraulic pipe bender is an ordinary plane-wound automatic pipe bender. The action of the pipe is automatic when the pipe is produced, but its feeding, rotating, etc. are all done manually by the fixed-length machine angle positioning ruler; advantages: The bending power is guaranteed; the disadvantage is that the feeding and cornering need manual operation, the work efficiency is not high, and it is suitable for products with simple shapes.

5,CNC hydraulic mandrel pipe bending machine

The machine adopts hydraulic drive and digital angle adjustment. Its functionality is similar to that of a CNC electric pipe bender, but it has an advantage in that it can process thin-walled stainless steel pipes and it improve the bending efficiency. Disadvantages: large size, inconvenient transportation,price is not cheap.

6,Fully automatic CNC tube bender

The most advanced equipment in the pipe bending machine, which can automatically feed the pipe, automatically rotate the pipe, and automatically bend the shape. Disadvantages: The price is high, when the shape of the elbow is complicated, and customers who have high requirements on the accuracy of the elbow can consider to buy this kind of machine.


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