Types and functions of pipe bender dies

Whether it is NC pipe bender or CNC pipe bending machine, it will be equipped with different kinds of dies to achieve better bending effect. What are the main dies of the pipe bender and what role they play in the pipe bending process? We will briefly introduce them in this article.

The die of the pipe bender is composed of wheel die, sliding plate die, mandrel, anti-wrinkle die, clamping die block, etc.

The function of the wheel die is to bend the pipe into R-shape. The size of the wheel die is also selected according to the R radius of pipe bending processing. Generally, the conventional specification R is best controlled between 1.5D and 2.5D, which is the most suitable, the R-point on the curved surface of the pipe will not wrinkle. Generally, when we bend the stainless steel pipe, there will be wrinkling or the r-point is not full. At this time, we need to add the mandrel to support the bulging and prevent the deformation and wrinkling of the pipe. The mandrel mainly plays the role of supporting the inner wall of the bending radius of the conduit and preventing its deformation. At present, domestic pipes are bent on machine tools. If mandrel is not used, its quality is difficult to guarantee. There are many forms of mandrel, such as cylindrical mandrel, universal single, double, three and four ball head mandrel, directional single and multi-ball head mandrel, etc. The mandrel can be selected according to different pipe bending requirements.

Function of Anti-Wrinkle die: Anti-Wrinkle die is generally used when bending stainless steel pipe. When the pipe wall is relatively thin, we need to use anti-wrinkle die. It connects one end of wheel die to play a supporting role when bending pipe, so as to prevent deformation of one side of pipe when empty bending.

Function of clamping die: the clamping die clamps the pipe and pastes the wheel die to make the pipe tightly close to the wheel die tank for bending processing. Function of block: the block is connected with the wheel die. Because the round wheel die cannot be used as a fixture, we cut off a piece of the wheel die and paste the block to clamp the pipe. When the pipe is clamped, the clamping die is clamped to the block part to clamp the pipe. Function of sliding plate die: the main function of sliding plate die is to push the pipe forward to keep up with the action of wheel die.

These molds cooperate with each other to make the tube bender achieve a good bending effect and process high-quality work pieces.


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